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Acupressure institute
One of the oldest centre of Acupressure imparting acupressure training and treatment in India.

In 1975, Dr.Attar Singh opened Acupressure Health Centre. Dr. Kalyan Singh (brother of Dr. Attar Singh) remained associated with Dr.Attar Singh right from the inception of the institute. Being the premier institute in this field, the centre has made tremendous contribution to familiarize and popularize Acupressure in almost all parts of the country. Significantly, thousands of persons suffering from different diseases (particularly Cervical-spondylosis, Back-legs-knees pains, Migraine, Arthritis etc.) belonging to all stratus of society including men from medical profession, coming from various parts of India and abroad have taken treatment at the centre during the last forty years to their great satisfaction. It was indeed a unique experience for every one to get speedy cure without medicine for a number of chronic problems. A number of patients suffering from Cervical Spondylosis, Back-legs-knees pain, Migraine, Arthritis and so many other diseases have got relief of their problems.

Above all, the centre has been instrumental in imparting guidance to a large number of persons in medical profession and others to open Acupressure Treatment Centre in their respective areas. It is due to the strenuous efforts of this institute and many other devoted and dedicated persons and institutions that Acupressure is now being considered as an effective method of healing for many minor and major ailments. Learn more about Institute
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About Acupressure

Acupressure is known by different names like Zone therapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Pointed Pressure therapy, Contact therapy, Concentrated Massage or Acupressure without needles....

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Acupressure Training Programs

Though Acupressure can be attempted by reading books of good standards, still for effective and proper attempt, proper training from an expert is must. The institute is imparting Theoretical-cum-practical Training course at Chandigarh. After learning some have adopted it as a profession while others are using it for keeping themselves and family fit.

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Acupressure Treatment through audio-video CD/DVD

Audio-Video CD/DVD are available at the institute which can be purchased personally or can be invited by registered post.
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" I had been practising acupressure for 5 years. But i knew that the technique i was using was not right. After being trained from your institute i know the difference between right and wrong. My patients are getting relief faster than before as a result more people are visiting me to get cured with acupressure."

--Mr. Dev Sharma, Indore,India
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